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Penguins at the Manger

A few years ago, Angelika and I watched the Ithaca Monthly Meeting's Christmas pageant, put on by the children of the meeting. She was struck in particular by the penguin paying homage at the manger, a feature I'd never seen in a Christmas pageant before. It became a fun story about how Quakerism can be just a little different.

Sungiva got to play the baby Jesus in this year's pageant, and was generally well-received. No penguins, though! (The penguin is apparently a costume they have available, so maybe one day she'll be the penguin.)

Angelika added a penguin to our Christmas tree, as you can see here.

Penguin in our Christmas tree.
Penguin in our Christmas tree.

Penguins at mangers turn out to have mass-media precedents, too. I'd forgotten that in A Charlie Brown Christmas, one of the animals Lucy asks Snoopy (who's playing "all the animals") to be is a penguin.

And, of course, we really couldn't be the only ones. Here's a nativity penguin.