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Letter from Worcester Prison

Fox wrote letters long and short, and reading them in series often finds me falling into patterns as his thoughts echo back and forth. Here's a short and general one, connecting many common threads of his thought, written from prison in 1673.

Dear friends,—All be faithful in the eternal power of God that is over all; I say, keep in this power of God, that you may answer that of God in all, and not that which is contrary; for the kingdom standeth in power, and in righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost: so that which doth not live in the power, and righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost, cometh not into the kingdom. So this kingdom, and power, and righteousness, and holy ghost, in which is the joy, is over all; and this kingdom standeth not in word, but in power. So know one another in the power, and in the spirit of God, (who is a spirit,) know and confess Christ in his death and sufferings, and in his resurrection. So no more but my love in him. G. F. Worcester Prison, the 21st of the 9th month, 1673.

(From Volume VIII of the Works, page 54, letter CCCIII.)