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Comments on a Bible

I'm always surprised by how few reviews most books on Quakerism get on Amazon. (There are exceptions, of course.)

Maybe that's a good thing, though, as sometimes warfare can break out in the review sections and their comments. It seems pretty clear that there's a constituency appalled by the very notion of a "Green Bible", disgusted by the shift it implies from God to God's creation, from ourselves as special creations to humans as one of many creations. I suspect that's just getting started, too.

I've wondered for a while what a Quaker Bible might look like. Highlighting in gray probably isn't a great idea, but I can only imagine what comments it would draw....


Being on the sidelines of a (non-Quaker) church battle, I can affirm that sometimes various causes can become code for theologies no one wants to openly admit to. Because it's all code, it's baffling for the outsider and is constantly shifting and there's often not a lot of internal consistency.

But as I mentioned on Twitter, some of the anger is just in seeing yet another lifestyle Bible. The whole Bible industry is completely cynical and weird. Almost all Bibles are sold to people who already have Bibles and the profits in all this are huge. Publishers find every niche they can and produce books that most resemble fashion accessories. It's not a new phenomenon but it's always surprising to see what market they'll go after next. I'm more amused than mad about it.