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Last call for the Works

The New Foundation Fellowship reports in their latest Foundation Papers that their stock of George Fox's Works is almost gone. They printed a batch in 1991, and are working to publish a CD-ROM of them, but I have to admit that having printed copies (though they were expensive) has made it much much easier for me to explore Fox's writings. Having them in hardcover has made it easier for me to travel with them, too.

They apparently have (had) ten sets left, along with a very few individual copies of everything except Volume II, the second part of the Journal. They also have a set of Lewis Benson's Notes on George Fox available for $50, and are making a reprint of A Universal Christian Faith (formerly Catholic Quakerism) available.

They aren't very clear on how to order the individual volumes or the Notes, though I do see the set available online. There's a note about free shipping until May 1st, as well.


In my personal opinion, anyone who is serious about Quakerism should have access to a copy of Fox's Epistles, which are volumes 7 and 8 in the Works. They are beyond all doubt his best writing, his most inspiring, and his most helpful to the sincere seeker — far more so than his Journal.

I would say: if you have to buy the whole set, just to have access to the Epistles, you'll find that it is money well spent.

As of the publication of the Foundation Papers, they still had two individual copies of the first volume of epistles and four of the second volume.

I agree that it's excellent material for exploring, and it's usually what I take with me traveling. At the same time, I think the rest of the set is extremely valuable - even the pieces I find dull at first reading are often fascinating when I stumble into them while looking for something else.

(I look forward to seeing their CD, but the print version is wonderful for wandering.)