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Tech turbulence

This blog suddenly turned from gray to green, and a lot of parts are missing. I'm upgrading it more thoroughly to Movable Type 4, and there will be strange bumps in the night for a while to come. It will eventually be gray again, and the links will return.

I also apologize for the Captchas, the weird little graphical number/letter things - I've been getting flooded with spam comments, sometimes a few hundred a day, that are getting past my usual spam filters. (Those are even more flooded, but don't seem to have made many false positives, at least.) Hopefully this will reduce the torrent to a trickle, and make it easier for me to participate in the conversation here.


Hopefully you'll get away from that green soon--you're letting everyone realize just how default a design I used for the new QuakerQuaker! I've migrated a few blogs over to MT4 now so feel free to drop me a line if you get stuck somewhere.
Martin @ Quaker Ranter which is also that green design...