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Prize your time and the love of the Lord

Epistle XVII from George Fox's Works is a short but dense meditation on the work of the 'light in you' from 1652, early in Fox's ministry:

Dear Friends -
Prize your time, and the love of the Lord to your souls above all things; and mind that light in you, that shows you sin and evil. Which checks you, when you speak an evil word, and tells you, that ye should not be proud, nor wanton, nor fashion yourselves like unto the world; for the fashion of this world passeth away. And if ye hearken to that, it will keep you in humbleness of mind, and lowliness of heart, and turn your minds within, to wait upon the Lord, to be guided by it; and bring you to lay aside all sin and evil, and keep you faithful to the Lord; and bring you to wait on him for teaching, till an entrance thereof be made to your souls, and refreshment come to them from the presence of the Lord.

There is your teacher, the light, obeying it; there is your condemnation, disobeying it. If ye hearken to the light in you, it will not suffer you to conform to the evil ways, customs, fashions, delights, and vanities of the world; but lead you to purity, to holiness, to uprightness, even up to the Lord. Dear hearts, hearken to it, to be guided by it. For if ye love the light, ye love Christ; if ye hate that, ye hate Christ. Therefore in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ consider of it; and the Lord open your understandings to know him. G. F.

The light 'shows you sin and evil', defending you from the ways of the world and lighting a path 'to purity, to holiness, to uprightness, even up to the Lord'.