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Sharing listening

Looking back over my posts, nearly all of them are citations. I've heard or read something, and want to share it, make it more available to people. I go through periods of listening and periods of writing, and right now - despite all the writing - I'm in a listening phase. I'm travelling, so I'm reading much more than usual (and having Powell's City of Books nearby is reinforcing that).

I'm bouncing along a strange path of mostly but not always Quaker reading, finding all kinds of things along the way. I don't feel I have much - yet - to add to those findings, so I'm mostly posting them as I find them, and hoping to let whoever is crazy enough to be reading this find their own meeting.

I suspect that the key activity in Quakerism is listening. Listening to God, listening for the light's direction, listening to other people. The quiet at meeting helps us hear; what we say at meeting helps us share what we've heard.

Hopefully these posts make interesting listening. There are a lot more of them coming.